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We see the big picture. Above all, we see every little detail. We have a vision.
vitura offers you intelligent real estate investment services and solutions. Bespoke and 100% personalized. Sometimes exceptional, but always audit-proof. Innovative and guaranteed with hands-on mentality. vitura breaks new ground and offers access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities through a unique network.


Real estate transaction service reinterpreted.

vitura is a specialist for real estate investment services. For us, consistency and innovation are not mutually exclusive concepts. We stand for partnership-based services. With our many years of experience and proven expertise in accompanying real estate investments, we ensure an efficient and result-oriented transaction process. With continuous market analysis as our foundation, we deliver profitable customer tailored strategies. We see the decisive details and we see connections. We understand the local peculiarities of the real estate market and know how to make the best possible use of them.

Individual advisory from the start – meticulous down to the smallest detail.

Vincent Schneider


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Vincent Schneider founded vitura in 2021. He has more than 8 years of experience in the real estate industry, particularly in the areas of transaction and asset management for institutional investment vehicles of various types of use and risk classes. In his previous positions at TRIUVA Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH (formerly IVG Institutional Funds GmbH) and Oceans & Company GmbH, he accompanied transactions on the national and European market worth around 1.2 billion euros. He completed his studies at the Technical University of Aschaffenburg in the field of International Real Estate Management and has been a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors since 2018.


Track record *

Transaction volume / property

€ 44 Mio


€ 79 Mio

€ 40 Mio

€ 102 Mio

€ 120 Mio


€ 120 Mio

€ 52 Mio

€ 50 Mio


€ 7 Mio

€ 76 Mio

€ 80 Mio

€ 120 Mio


€ 73 Mio


€ 196 Mio

€ 25 Mio


Risc class:


Core Plus



* Successfully accompanied transactions of Vincent Schneider with his previous employers up to the founding of vitura.

2015-TODAY € 1.184 bn Transaction volume


A new self-image: intelligent real estate services.

We take a closer look at the details. We go further – especially where other consulting services reach their limits. Extraordinary and always solution-oriented. We create something unique in all environments. As part of our comprehensive scope of services, we advise owners and investors on all transaction-specific activities. Both, in the purchase and sale of individual properties and portfolios as well as in analysis and strategies to increase the value of commercial and residential properties.


Investment Services

Real estate services for individual assets and portfolio transactions of commercial and residential properties.

  • Identification of real estate investment opportunities – national, international, institutional and private
  • Control and coordination of sales processes
  • Compile purchase price indications, profitability calculations and scenario analysis
  • Design tailor-made marketing and communication concepts

Analyse Services

Develop property specific market, location and competition analysis.

  • Market and location analysis
  • Analysis of investment and rental comparables
  • Property specific rental market analysis
  • Property evaluations and SWOT analysis

Landlord services

Real estate services for value retention and value enhancement concepts.

  • Development of hold or exit strategies on single property and portfolio levels
  • Cash flow analysis and business plan optimization
  • Identification of value enhancement and development potential
  • Real estate financing support


Room for ideas and dynamic development.

vitura embodies a new generation of real estate companies. We are constantly looking for motivated, entrepreneurial talents. People who want to take on responsibility and use their analytical skills to make their personal contribution to our mutual success in a dynamic team are always welcome.


We want to help you achieve your goals.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about real estate transactions and support you in all phases of your real estate decision.

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